What the Soul Doesn’t Want review in Saltern Magazine


Saltern Magazine reviews Lorna Crozier’s What the Soul Doesn’t Want

Aleesha Koersen reviews What the Soul Doesn’t Want by Lorna Crozier in Saltern Magazine. The review starts:

“The only way to properly appreciate Lorna Crozier’s poetry is to sit down and read it. Then read it again. One might say that it’s not what the soul wants but instead what it needs. Okay, that was bad, but writing about books is intimidating. Writing about Lorna Crozier’s books? Even more so. You come at it knowing it will blow you away. There’s no way that it won’t. The hard part isn’t reading the collection but trying to form the sentences that do the verses some form of justice.”

You can read the full review here.

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