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Good Victory

  • Publication Date: February 1, 2025
  • EAN: 9781990601835
  • 240 pages; 8½" x 5½"

Debut stories about the absurdity of growing up and being human in the twenty-first century.

A woman finds her childhood friend working in a booth at a psychic fair in the West Edmonton Mall courtyard. A lonely neuropsychology student steals cocaine from his lab rat in an effort to impress a Tinder date. A group of teenage girls play a dangerous game and discover a portal to another reality.

Good Victory explores the strangeness and absurdity of being human in the twenty-first century: high school dances, teen pregnancy, and the continued cultural relevance of Wayne’s World; fatalistic obsessions with karaoke bars and Dolly Parton; supposed pimps hiding under the Calgary Stampede watchtower. Both unsettling and illuminating, these stories shine light in dark places.

Praise for Mikka Jacobsen

“. . . the ethos is reminiscent of Sheila Heti—unafraid to reveal its own intellect as it pushes through doubts, romanticisms and conventional delusions, toward revelation and a shimmering, precarious clarity.” ALBERTA VIEWS

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