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Watershed reviewed in the New Southern Fugitives

Doreen Vanderstoop’s Watershed is reviewed in The New Southern Fugitives:

“Living as we are in this bewildering time, Watershed chose the perfect moment to arrive. The year is 2058 and the glaciers are gone. In rural southern Alberta, Canada, years of flooding have been followed by years of drought, and people are struggling to survive. The novel opens on the dusty and dry Van Bruggen goat farm as they receive their weekly water delivery, an expensive reality in this dystopic future. Willa Van Bruggen and her husband Calvin work tirelessly to keep the farm going, wearing masks to protect from the viral spores in the dust that blows endlessly across a landscape increasingly devoid of healthy trees and vegetation. One of the most compelling elements of this novel is how Vanderstoop weaves together mundane farming tasks with the small but significant changes brought by a warmer, drier, far less forgiving climate.”

You can read the full review here.

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