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Teardown review in the Malahat Review


Teardown by Clea Young reviewed in The Malahat Review

Susan Olding reads Clea Young’s Teardown on a flight from Toronto to Victoria and reflects on the collection’s strong sense of place for The Malahat Review:

“[Young’s stories] subtly and incrementally summon an atmosphere and convey to us the power of place. The ferries, beaches, conifers, craftsman’s houses, pastel apartment blocks, and swimming holes of Vancouver Island and the lower mainland may make it seem like an idyllic playground, but ferries sink, the ocean has an undertow, trees are subject to clear cuts, beetles, and fire. In other words, a beautiful backdrop can’t save anyone from making tough choices and facing tragedy. No wonder commitment seems risky. No wonder these characters hesitate to dive in.”

You can read the full review here.

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