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Susan Olding (Big Reader) on podcasts

We’ll collect links to the podcasts that Susan Olding appears on, as she discusses reading, writing, and her latest collection of essays, Big Reader.

  1. Susan Olding joins the Nonfiction podcast to discuss her new collection of essays, Big Reader (Freehand Books) and talk about the importance of reading to her life, the differences between the personal essay and the memoir, intuitive vs. engineered structure, research in nonfiction, finding metaphors in fine details, and when writing nonfiction is easy—and when it’s hard. Listen here.
  2. Susan Olding joins Deborah Campbell and David Leach to discuss the art, ethics, and pitfalls of writing nonfiction stories about family members as well as other vulnerable subjects. How does an author balance a responsibility for their subjects and for the quest for truth in their writing? Are we always selling someone out? Listen here.
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