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Sara Power interviewed on the Artisanal Writer

A huge thanks to Shelly Kawaja, Fiction Reviews Editor at the Artisanal Writer. Shelly conducted such a thoughtful and insightful interview with Sara Power, whose debut, Art of Camouflage, is now officially published!

In the interview, we get rich insight into Sara’s mind and writing practices, and her motivations behind Art of Camouflage. From the interview: “One thing I can do when writing stories in a military setting is isolate my characters. The chronic transience of military life allows for a close study of remoteness. In a controlled and informed way, I’m able to think about what it means to live without roots, without family, without history, without friends. The processes that military people go through to establish these things again and again, in every new place, are captivating to me.”

Thanks again, Shelly, and thanks to the Artisinal Writer.

Read the whole interview here (free account sign-up is required).

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