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Round-up of Roost Reviews


Round-up of Roost Reviews

Roost by Ali Bryan continues to attract attention! In the most recent issue of The Winnipeg Review, Lee Kvern offers an insightful review of Roost, and Maurice Mierau interviews Ali. Meanwhile, in the latest issue of Quill and Quire, Roost is reviewed alongside Claire Wilkshire’s novel Maxine. Here are a few choice quotes from the above:

  • “Bryan’s dialogue and character interaction are so spot on, and the rare occasion where she does take the chance and delves beneath the super funny surface of asshole-dom, she is dazzling.” – Lee Kvern, The Winnipeg Review
  • “Claudia’s voice is aggressive. She speaks how I vacuum, which is recklessly and with little consideration for the consequences. The kind of vacuuming where you slam the power head into chair legs and suck up small socks. Her voice is indicative of a person in survival mode. Head above water, but just.” – Ali Bryan in conversation with Maurice Mierau, The Winnipeg Review.
  • “In the vein of hip, modern mothers like Kelly Oxford, Bryan mines the experiences of Claudia’s children for humour… Little Joan is the funniest character, a defiant toddler who insists on dressing for Halloween as a ‘cat squirrel.'” – Alison Broverman, Quill and Quire.
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