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Sixty-Seven Ontological Studies

  • Publication Date: October 1, 2022
  • ISBN: 9781990601095 / 199060109X
  • 6½" x 8"

Sixty-Seven Ontological Studies is a double-stranded book of intense lyric reflections on the fundamental essences of things. The two modes of attention — Jan Zwicky’s words and Robert V. Moody’s photographs — are presented as fully co-equal. Neither one serves as an illustration of the other, yet there are many deep connections between the two. They are brought together here in a resonant conversation, steeped in the pregnant silence of the living world.

“The characters of both poems and photographs are distilled, singular, and exquisite.” – Crispin Elsted
“And yes, they really are ontological studies: character sketches of reality itself: trenchant insights into what it means to be.” – Franklin Cheng

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Jan Zwicky and Robert V. Moody interview with Barbara Pelman
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