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One Hour in Paris in the National Post


Karyn L. Freedman’s One Hour in Paris

Today is the official publication date of One Hour in Paris: A True Story of Rape and RecoveryHere’s a quick recap of some of the media attention it’s been getting recently:

  • In Dave Bidini’s National Post column: “I’ve just finished the first five chapters and they’re brilliant.”
  • Interview with the Toronto Star
  • Book review from Inside Higher Ed: “Stunning.”
  • Book review from The Winnipeg Review: “Most rape survivors who pen their stories do so with the aim of bringing awareness to rape’s staggering commonness, to remove the negative stigma, and to make the private nature of the assault public, so that their voices are heard. Karyn L. Freedman wrote One Hour in Paris for all of these reasons, but also to understand the body’s reaction to trauma and how trauma affects memory. Most importantly, Freedman dedicates her memoir to all rape survivors: “if I am sure of anything it is that there are innumerable other survivors out there whose experiences mirror mine.”
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