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One Hour in Paris in the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star


One Hour in Paris in the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star

It’s a big day for Karyn L. Freedman’s One Hour in Paris: A True Story of Rape and Recovery.

First, Karyn is featured in a Q&A the Globe and Mail:

“When you’re the victim of sexual assault or some kind of interpersonal violence, you revise your beliefs about the world. There’s a narrative that we tell our children: The world is basically a safe place and so long as you’re careful, you should be able to protect yourself from any harm. When that’s used as a strategy to prevent violence against women, it’s a total failure. There are similar positions being staked, that all you need to do to be safe is don’t go drinking at a party. It’s a myth, and the statistics don’t bear that out.”

Next, Karyn is interviewed for another article in the Globe, “Who says rape is a woman’s problem?”

“Freedman is especially sensitive to suggestions that women can readily prevent their own sexual assaults. “Think about the corrosive effect that has on survivors themselves,” she says. As for the idea that drinking at a party makes women vulnerable to rapists lurking everywhere, or that most guys are incapable of restraining their sexual urges, “it’s a sad characterization of men.””

And finally, One Hour in Paris is reviewed in the Toronto Star:

One Hour in Paris is a brave book, and an important one.”

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