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music lessons three

Music lessons from The Doctrine of Affections. 3.

August 19, 2010
Thurdays’ offering: The Turtles.

I’m not much for conversation with strangers, but I had to ask. “You’re not the Howard Kaylan?”

He paused. “The Howard Kaylan,” he said, leaving out the emphasis.

“Of the Turtles. Lead singer”

“That’s me. Not many people recognize my name.” Thre was suddenly a lot of stuff in his tone. Resignation. Wistfulness. Other things.

“You’re my favourite Sixties band. ‘Happy Together’ is my favourite Sixties pop song.”

“Really.” There was that tone again.

“It’s such a catchy song, so upbeat, but so sad at the same time.”

“Sad. You know, you’re the first person who ever noticed that.”


“No one ever noticed that.”

-from “Imagine Me and You, I Do” (The Doctrine of Affections)

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