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Moving to Delilah reviewed in the BC Review

Christopher Levenson at the BC Review wrote a brilliant review of Moving to Delilah, veteran poet Catherine Owen’s latest collection. Owen has spent the majority of her life living and thriving in the Vancouver area; she moved to Edmonton to more affordable housing in 2018. We thank the BC Review for covering Catherine as a BC expat!

Christopher Levenson writes, “. . . these poems grow on you, for what makes this book, often preoccupied with absence, failure, and insufficiency so rewarding is not only our sense of, and delight in, Owen’s natural unforced sympathy for the marginalized and the outsider, but also the constant interplay of acute observation and comment, so that the poet’s ironic awareness of the absurdity of much human life, which she is content to point out without rancour, is always balanced by a humane acceptance of all its diversity.”

Read the whole review here.

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