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Literary Review of Canada reviews The Student


The Literary Review of Canada reviews Cary Fagan’s The Student

Kevin Keystone considers the struggles faced by his mother’s generation— and his own — in his attentive review of The Student:

“…with The Student, Fagan has created something real. Not because he seemingly wrote about my mother, nor because he
somehow included me. And not just because of the countless 1950s Jewish Toronto nostalgies and his carefully chosen, vivid details. It is the richness of his characters, his insistence on revealing their full humanity, that resonates from one generation to the next. The truth of their struggles, the pain of their suffering, their resistance to — and activism in shaping — the society and history pressing in around them.
Fagan has created an accurate portrait of two key moments in history. Even those of us who weren’t there can feel it.”

This review appeared in the June 2019 issue of the Literary Review of Canada:

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