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Keith Maillard interviewed by Massy Arts Society

Thanks a million to the Massy Arts Society; they’ve been excellent partners for the launch of Keith Maillard’s new novel, In the Defense of Liberty.

They’ve gone above and beyond and have interviewed Keith as well! It’s a poignant conversation about rightwing extremism and the oppression faces by LGBTQ2S+ folks since time immemorial.

Keith, from the interview: “My characters are fighting against what Simone de Beauvoir called, and we continue to call, “the Patriarchy.” The liberty that my characters pursue is the freedom to be themselves—to be, wholly and authentically, who they are already.”

Read the whole interview here.

And don’t forget, Keith’s launch is Sunday, May 7th! We’re sure there will be a recording available for everyone afterwards, but live is always a good time.

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