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Juror comments from the Alberta Books Awards


Juror Comments from the 2013 Alberta Book Awards

We were so honoured by what the jurors said at the 2013 Alberta Book Awards that we couldn’t resist sharing a few little pieces!

About The Crimes of Hector Tomás by Ian Colford, winner of the Trade Fiction Book of the Year: “This ambitious and riveting novel grips the reader from the first page and doesn’t let go until its chilling ending. Combining precise detail with sweeping statements of sharp insight, the author has written both a spellbinding story and an unsettling exploration of dark human truths. This is a masterful work of great imagination.”

About Seen Reading by Julie Wilson, designed by Natalie Olsen of Kisscut Design, winner of the Book Design of the Year: “This is a lovely package, with an engaging design that makes this book desirable as both an object and a good read. The jurors unanimously chose it as the winner in this category, agreeing that they all wanted to take it home! This travel guide sized paperback makes great use of colour, type and simple graphic elements. A highly resolved design overall, including all cover aspects – flaps, spine, back cover, format – and the handling of interior elements. With its considered attention to typographic detail, this clever book begs its owner to be seen reading in public.”

About Personals by Ian Williams, designed by Natalie Olsen of Kisscut Design, winner of the Book Cover/Jacket Design of the Year: “With a skilled hand, the designer of this trade paperback has created a complete package that reflects the story throughout. The design concept perfectly carries the personal ads theme, and is nicely executed across the entire cover – front, back and spine. The jurors appreciated how the bibliographic copy is subtly incorporated into the cover design. This is further enhanced by the effective use of a 2-colour scheme. Together with the choice of uncoated cover stock, these elements are reminiscent of newsprint, personal advertising and a distant analogue era: “Reader seeks darling poem to ride into the sunset.””

About Every Wolf’s Howl by Barry Grills, edited by Robyn Read, winner of the Lois Hole Award for Editorial Excellence: “The editing work in this book stands out for its respectful, sensitive, and sure approach. It established clear objectives with the author, and then, with precision and economy, selected changes that clarified themes and focused the story. It demonstrates a paramount goal of good editing: a light and effective touch. The Lois Hole Award for Editorial Excellence is awarded to Every Wolf’s Howl: A Memoir, by Barry Grills. It was edited by Robyn Read and is published by Freehand Books, imprint of Broadview Press.”

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