If Sylvie Had Nine Lives named among the best Canadian fiction of 2020

In the August 2022 edition of University of Toronto Quarterly, Reinhold Kramer, Professor in the Department of English and Creative Writing at Brandon University, surveys established Canadian fiction published in 2020.

He names the top three works of the whole year: Emily Mandel’s The Glass Hotel, Cordelia Strube’s Misconduct of the Heart, and Leona Theis’s If Sylvie Had Nine Lives!

“… If Sylvie Had Nine Lives is an astounding work that is both cognitively and emotionally compelling and that belongs among the year’s best.”

– Reinhold Kramer, “Established Fiction”, University of Toronto Quarterly, Volume 9, Issue 3.

This is quite the honour and so well-deserved. We’re stoked for Leona!

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