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Hold Me Now reviewed in the Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun, and on CBC radio!

The reviews for Hold Me Now are rolling in! Jim Bartley in the Globe and Mail writes, “[Hold Me Now] is fascinating at every turn and it leads to a beautifully rendered catharsis. Have a handkerchief handy.” Joe Wiebe, writing in the Vancouver Sun, says, “Hold Me Now is a potent and poignant examination of a father’s grief. As irascible as Brenner is, I found myself drawn to him more and more as the novel unfolded and was honestly moved by his catharsis.” And Nikki Tate from CBC All Points West says, “[Hold Me Now] is an examination of a truly tortured soul….This story is so masterfully told.” Nikki also has some lovely things to say about the role of small presses in Canada. Listen to the full review here.

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