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Freehand Books shortlisted for four Alberta Book Publishing Awards

The Book Publishers Association of Alberta announced the shortlist for the 2020 Alberta Book Publishing Awards, and Freehand is nominated for four awards. The award winners will be announced later this year in a virtual gala reception. A full list of nominees can be found here. Congratulations to all the shortlisted authors and publishers!

Trade Fiction

  • Renegade Arts Entertainment, 1st Legion of Utopia by James Davidge
  • NeWest Press, The Inquirer by Jaclyn Dawn
  • University of Calgary Press, The Red Chesterfield by Wayne Arthurson
  • Freehand Books, The Student by Cary Fagan

Speculative Fiction

  • Freehand Books, Agnes, Murderess by Sarah Leavitt
  • Tyche Books, Earth: Giants, Golems & Gargoyles edited by Rhonda Parrish
  • Hades Publications/Edge, A God in Chains by Matthew Hughes
  • NeWest Press, The Melting Queen by Bruce Cinnamon

Book Illustration

  • Freehand Books, Agnes, Murderess, written and illustrated by Sarah Leavitt
  • Renegade Arts Entertainment, Alice at Naptime, written and illustrated by Shea Proulx
  • Eschia Books, Little Women’s Lodge Kit by Darlene Auger, illustrated by Chloe “Bluebird” Mustooch
  • Renegade Arts Entertainment, Pass Me By: Gone Fishin’, by Kyle Simmers and Ryan Danny Owen, illustrated by Kyle Simmers

Lois Hole Award for Editorial Excellence

  • Freehand Books, This Has Nothing to Do with You by Lauren Carter, edited by Naomi K. Lewis
  • Frontenac House, Quartet 2019 [Against Forgetting by Keith Garebian, Common Brown House Moths by Laura Zacharin, Baddie One Shoe by Natalie Meisner, Waterline Immersion by Conrad Scott], edited by Micheline Maylor

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