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CBC Books’s Canadian Fiction Spring Preview

It’s that time of year! The next season’s books are on their way, and all the buzz in the Canadian book world looks to highlight anticipated titles.

Ali Bryan’s forthcoming novel, Coq, is featured on CBC Books’s Canadian Fiction Spring Preview, as is Keith Maillard’s In the Defense of Liberty.

We’re happy to see more and more Canadians will know about these two outstanding novels!

In the Defense of Liberty: Four university students are at the centre of the 1960s coming-of-age novel In Defense of Liberty. The relationships of four students play out against an increasingly tense university campus where gender relations and gender nonconformity come to the fore in a changing ideological climate. As larger forces work around them on campus, the topics and causes of the day seep into their personal lives as each relationship is tested and experiences a central conflict. 

Coq: Coq is a cross-country family drama that explores the roles each member takes up in grief after loss and later, in acceptance as the family reforms. Claudia is used to juggling many family problems at once, whether it’s the unruliness of her teenaged children, her brother’s broken marriage or her ex-partner’s desire to get back together. What Claudia finds she can’t tolerate is her father remarrying ten years after her mother’s death. This change prompts the family to take a trip to Paris to reconcile their differences. However, things quickly go astray and the trip that is meant to bring them together could be what pulls them apart. 

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