Cary Fagan is interviewed by CBC Books - Freehand Books

Cary Fagan is interviewed by CBC Books

The CBC’s Jane van Koeverden interviewed Cary Fagan about his Governor General’s Award-nominated book. Cary spoke about Toronto in the 1950s, “motherly inspiration,” and writing women characters:

“I had this idea of Miriam as this ambitious, intellectual young woman who has hopes to go on to graduate school.¬†I didn’t know how many obstacles there would be for a woman in the 1950s wanting a higher education, especially in a fairly conservative institution like the University of Toronto. I read and talked to people and discovered that women were discouraged in a very heavy-handed way, from trying to go to graduate school and take up positions that would be ‘better’¬†occupied by a man. I didn’t know that was going to be part of the story when I started.” (Cary Fagan)

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