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Bitter Medicine in the University of Calgary Gauntlet


Bitter Medicine in the University of Calgary Gauntlet.

Bitter Medicine by Clem Martini and Olivier Martini is the University of Calgary’s 2012 Common Reading Selection, meaning that all first-year U of C students received a copy. In the Gauntlet, Erin Smunlich talks about how marginalized the mental health community is, how Bitter Medicine has been adapted into a play, and what the university community can do to support mental health: “The first thing students can do is break the silence and start talking openly about mental health. With Bitter Medicine so readily available at the U of C, the university community is on common ground to speak out and solicit support for mental health awareness.” Read the article here.

The University of Calgary Common Reading Program held a new media/essay contest for responses to Bitter Medicine. Congratulations to Sabrina Poonja, who won the new media category for her visual essay Community, and to Leah Teulon, who won the personal reflection category for her essay Unexpected Reality.

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