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Barbara Joan Scott on the Resilient Writers Radio Show

Rhonda Douglas hits it out of the park once again in her Resilient Writers Radio Show.

Her guest is Barbara Joan Scott, author of Quill and Quire Book of the Year, The Taste of Hunger. The title of the episode is “A Different Shape.” Rhonda and Barb discuss the shape of her novel.

Rhonda says: “In this interview, we discuss Barbara’s journey while writing The Taste of Hunger. No stone is left unturned—we learn about the writing process from concept all the way to the reviews that come after publication.”

A sneak peak of the episode:

[04:36] And I thought, it was no longer just my secret. It was sort of a, kind of a Canadian secret, if you like…

[07:24] What I love about you having said that, is I think you need to leave a little bit of room for the reader. 

[13:12] So you get stubborn. And sometimes the stubborn part is good, and sometimes it’s not. 

[17:58] But I also, I have a writing journal where I just write down things like that, that I—that I have no clue why I’m fascinated by it, but I am fascinated by it. 

[22:47] But then when I did that, I fell more in love with the character, I fell more in love with the story, and it was such a satisfying experience… 

[31:13] I try to get to the computer at about eight o’clock, and then I stay there until noon. But I’m not writing the whole time.

[35:51] So for me, I think it’s—you have to earn it. You have to put the time in with the characters…

[38:06] … and the other thing is, we are, we’re trying so much in—yeah, I think in all fiction—to tell the truth in a very real way.

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