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And Me Among Them reviewed in the Vancouver Sun and Quill & Quire, and on SailBooks

The reviews keep rolling in for Kristen den Hartog’s And Me Among Them! The Vancouver Sun calls And Me Among Them “a poignant coming-of-age story leavened by an endearing if vulnerable character whose world view is conveyed through inviting, effortless prose,” the Quill & Quire thinks that “den Hartog provides a vivid depiction of what it means to inhabit a gigantic body,” and Lindsay over at SailBooks writes, “The novel is sad and haunting but will appeal to anyone who’s ever tried to conceal a part of themselves…Thanks to Freehand Books (Broadview Press) for this wonderful story. It’s not at all what I expected but what a lovely surprise!” You’re very welcome Lindsay! (and thank you!)

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