July 2014 update - Freehand Books

July 2014 update


Link Roundup

It’s summer here at Freehand HQ in Calgary. We survived Stampede 2014 unscathed. Normally we watch the Stampede parade out the window of our 5th floor office, but this year found ourselves in Guelph, Ontario, instead. Every two years Broadview Press holds an all-company meeting and staff from offices around the country (Wolfville, Peterborough, Guelph, Calgary, and Nanaimo) gather together. In amongst our busy schedule of PD events and Dixit games, we managed to squeeze in a group photo at the new Guelph Gryphon statue. It is, apparently, life-sized, in case you were wondering how large a mythological eagle/lion hybrid actually is.

2014 Broadview
Here is the staff of Broadview Press/Freehand Books! I am one of these people.

So that’s what Freehand has been up to this last little while. Here is a sampling of what our authors and books have been up to too:

  • Julie Wilson (Seen Reading) wrote a piece for The Atlantic called “First Comes Skype, Then Comes Marriage
  • Gerontologist Wendy Johnstone picked up a copy of Sarah Leavitt’s Tangles: A Story about Alzheimer’s, My Mother, and Me from Laughing Oyster Bookshop, and writes for the Comox Valley Record that “This book would be an excellent resource for young adults to read when struggling with a parent with early onset Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.”
  • Ali Bryan (Roost) has written a couple of excellent essays on her Hot Mess blog, including “This is 9” (about her 9-year-old teenager) and “Oh My Goshy” (about  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).
  • Maurice Mierau (Detachment: An Adoption Memoir) takes part in The Writers’ Blog Tour before passing the baton over to Joan Thomas.
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