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The Game of Giants in the Literary Review of Canada’s Bookworm

Thanks to the Literary Review of Canada and reviewer Andrew Pudlak for giving space to Marion Douglas and The Game of Giants in No. 39 of “Bookworm,” the journal’s newsletter.

Andrew writes, “A former psychologist herself, Douglas draws upon ongoing anxieties around viruses and genetics. Her ear for colloquial expression and domestic drama animates her characters. Her prose sings when describing the beauty of nature, where Rose finds comfort and refuge. Mountains are ‘illuminated from within, as if by lamps.’ Desire ‘comes from a root cellar in the soul,’ while belonging sprouts from ‘roots in the cool old earth.’ With such heartfelt offerings, The Game of Giants demonstrates it’s the tiny moments of intimacy that make us human.”

Read the full review here. (Old issues of the newsletter are behind a paywall).

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