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The Bridge reviewed by Daniel Gawthrop in The BC Review

Gawthrop’s review, titled “Girl interrupted … or imagined,” takes a deep, sometimes cutting look into Keith Maillard’s The Bridge: Writing Across the Binary and the stuff of memoir!

From the review, linked here: “So then why choose the “non-binary” as subject matter at this stage? After sixteen books of various genres and interests, is the cis-male, heterosexual, married father of two just being trendy? I doubt it. Nor does Maillard — turning eighty this year, a senior professor in UBC’s much beleaguered Creative Writing department — seem a likely candidate for late-life pronoun change. (I can imagine the grammarian in him even bristling at the third-person plural for his own personal choice.) No, I suspect the real reason is contained in the book’s sub-title: by focusing on writing — as opposed to just living — across the binary, Maillard is telling us that the very act of writing his way through gender was ultimately what freed him from its restrictive, all-too-confining boundaries.”

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