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The Party Is Here

  • Publication Date: September 27, 2021
  • EAN: 9781988298931
  • 264 pages; 8½" x 5½"

A memorable, edgy debut exploring the climate crisis and young women on the verge of transformation.

Edgy and darkly humourous, these stories introduce us to women grappling with climate, fertility, and their relationships with each other, all as they teeter on the verge of transformation. A figure skater in a warming world quits, only to find herself embroiled in the politics of ice; a graduate student becomes progressively unhinged as she reports on the unravelling of her Patagonia research project; an artist finds an unconventional use for her own frozen eggs; a park ranger at Joshua Tree National Park goes to extreme lengths to save his beloved tortoises.

In this daring debut, Georgina Beaty offers a bold, nuanced look at our turbulent times, fearlessly probing the ambitions and confusions of her generation. Wholly unexpected yet wildly entertaining, The Party Is Here slants the world to speak to the uncanny truth of modern life.

“Beaty’s balance of sarcasm, tenderness, and irreverence reigns in some indubitably heavy subject matter throughout the collection. With its finger on the pulse of millennial ennui, The Party Is Here is to be savoured.” UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY

“I always think I’m prepared for a Georgina Beaty story, but I never am. She writes the kind of book where you end up knowing more about strange corners of the world than you did before. Her characters devour themselves by their own zeal. Environmental collapse looms in the background while they go on busying themselves, the way we do. Perhaps more threatening than the damage we do to our earth is the damage we do to each other. Beaty’s world is global, endangered, dangerous.” IAN WILLIAMS winner of the Giller Prize for Reproduction

“Georgina Beaty is a gifted writer with a deft sense of timing and a wonderfully jabbing sense of humour. Her stories are vivid, explicit yet mysterious, and altogether original.” ELIZABETH HAY winner of the Giller Prize for Late Nights on Air

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