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  • Publication Date: September 1, 2023
  • ISBN: 9781990601347 / 1990601340
  • 5½" x 8½"

Spanning Canada, the Czech Republic, and New Zealand, a novel about following signs, finding love, and losing your self.

When Mája was seven, her mother disappeared. Now, at thirty, Mája has the same urge: to disappear, to start over. She leaves her fiancé in Canada to follow signs that lead her to the Czech Republic—her mother’s home country. In Prague, she falls in love with Kuba, a charismatic musician who is a minor celebrity in Czech New Age circles. As Mája navigates this irresistible and overwhelming new relationship, she is guided by dreams, visions, and synchronicities, but despite her budding sense of destiny, she suffers from a mysterious illness and the unshakeable sense that something is terribly wrong.

Revealing both the falseness and truth of the stories we tell ourselves, Catherine Cooper’s novel is sharply observed, darkly funny, and ultimately moving—a profound meditation on the pain and potency of love.

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