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  • Publication Date: September 10, 2018
  • ISBN: 9781988298375 / 1988298377
  • 250 pages; 5¼" x 8"

A compelling, haunting novel about a man experiencing gaps in time, and the pain of living inside an anxious mind.

Felix wakes up one day to find he has a girlfriend he doesn’t recognize. He finds a novel, with his name on the cover, that he doesn’t remember writing. He’s been losing time since university. Sometimes these gaps are minutes, sometimes months. But now he begins experiencing flashbacks and moments where he gets a glimpse of an unsettling future. He will do anything necessary to keep the people he loves safe . . .

Hummingbird is a haunting, powerful novel, told in unadorned language that expresses with clarity the pain of living inside a disturbed mind. Like Anakana Schofield’s ground-breaking Martin John, Hummingbird is at times uncomfortable, but written with deep compassion and a sense of urgency.

“Devin Krukoff’s Hummingbird is a suspenseful, cinematic contemporary novel about living your life out of time. A provocative page turner that at times reminded me of Ryu Murakami’s darker novels.” GUILLAUME MORISSETTE author of The Original Face and New Tab

Saskatchewan Book of the Year Award, 2019 (winner)
Saskatchewan Fiction Award, 2019 (short-listed)

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Twin Studies and Hummingbird on the ReLit shortlist

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