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Boundary Problems

  • Publication Date: March 18, 2014
  • ISBN: 9781554811861 / 1554811864
  • 232 pages; 5½" x 8½"

In his confident debut, Greg Bechtel offers ten charged stories about the impossible-turned-possible—secrets, paranoia, sex, conspiracies, and magic—our world distilled and transmuted.

Boundary Problems vibrates on the edge of meaning, as carjackers, accidental gunrunners, small-town cabbies, and confused physics students struggle to wring meaning from the strange events that overtake them. Bechtel’s worlds of mystery, physics, and magic constantly challenge his characters’ pursuit of logical explanations. These compelling tales blur lines and push boundaries—into the surreal, into the playful, into the irresistibility of uncertainty.

“Bechtel displays a refreshing willingness to experiment with aspects of narratology, lending his collection a surface unfamiliarity that resembles the literary equivalent of quantum mechanics.” NATIONAL POST

“[A]n articulate debut from a well-developed (and hopefully prolific) new voice in Canadian fiction.” WINNIPEG REVIEW

“Each of Greg Bechtel’s stories is a perfect little puzzle-box: one marvels at their perfect geometries while anticipating that dazzling moment where every piece slots flush. These finely-crafted, emotionally resonant tales will stay with me a long, long time.” CRAIG DAVIDSON author of Cataract City

Boundary Problems is a chaotic collection with comic touches, a paranoid Pynchonesque mix-tape of hosers and hipster cafes, office jobs and summer camp confessions, lit theory and online porn. Boundary problems? No problem for Greg Bechtel; his debut is wild, sly, and magnetic. MARK ANTHONY JARMAN author of 19 Knives and My White Planet

Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award, 2015 (long-listed)
Alberta Trade Fiction Book of the Year, 2015 (winner)
ReLit Award, 2015 (short-listed)

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