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Are You Ready to Be Lucky?

  • Publication Date: August 27, 2013
  • ISBN: 9781554811380 / 1554811384
  • 232 pages; 5½" x 8½"

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Are You Ready to Be Lucky? If so, meet Roslyn, a spirited divorcée eager for new beginnings. Meet Duncan, a British conman with a penchant for collecting ex-wives. Meet Floyd, a hard-living contractor who can fix anyone’s house but his own. Irritating, vulnerable, hopeful, they ricochet off one another, trailing a mess of family and friends, all of them trying to beat the odds and find happiness. With razor-sharp wit, Rosemary Nixon takes on the chaos and absurdity of friendship, marriage, divorce, and betrayal—and the heart-pounding, breathtaking, always astonishing complexities of luck and love.

“The characters of Are You Ready to Be Lucky? fumble hopelessly toward what they think they want. They get hurt, and hurt again. But deftly, tenderly, Nixon makes pileups of disappointments shine like broken glass in sand.” NATIONAL POST

“Hilarious, charging, gorgeous. There is so much to admire in a Rosemary Nixon story it’s hard to know where to begin.” LISA MOORE author of Caught and February

“Rosemary Nixon says exactly what needs to be said… Are You Ready to Be Lucky? is a novel that looks like a short story collection and tastes like a volume of haiku.” TELEGRAPH JOURNAL

Praise for Rosemary Nixon

“Nixon’s style is fiercely observant, and her stories work together to convince us that the world is a crystal, held up to the light be a relentless storyteller.” UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY

“Reader, be humble. You are about to read greatness. You are about to read a story that lifts our mortal lives into lamentation and wisdom and rapture and love.” ROBERT KROETSCH

Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award, 2014 (long-listed)
ForeWord Review Book of the Year, 2014 (short-listed)
Alberta Trade Fiction Book of the Year, 2014 (short-listed)

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