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And Me Among Them

  • Publication Date: April 1, 2011
  • ISBN: 9781554810543 / 155481054X
  • 208 pages; 5½" x 9"

Ruth grew too fast.

A young girl over seven feet tall, she struggles to conceal the physical and mental symptoms of her rapid growth, to connect with other children, and to appease her parents, Elspeth, an English seamstress who lost her family to the war, and James, a mailman rethinking his devotion to his wife. Not knowing how to help Ruth, Elspeth and James turn inward, away from one another. As their marriage falters, Ruth finds herself increasingly drawn to Suzy, the dangerous girl next door.

Ruth is not precocious, nor a prodigy, but her extraordinary size affords her extraordinary vision: a bird’s-eye perspective that allows her not just to remember but to watch her past play out. Possessing an uncanny ability to intuit the emotional secrets of her family’s past and present, Ruth gently surfaces Elspeth and James’s vulnerabilities, their regrets, and their deepest longings.

“The novel is emotionally exquisite and heartfelt, and captures the madness of parenting in an utterly unique twist on the first-person point of view.” GLOBE AND MAIL

Alberta Trade Fiction Book of the Year, 2012 (winner)
Trillium Award, 2012 (short-listed)

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