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Modern Fables reviewed in Alberta Views

Thanks immensely to Jasmina Odor the Modern Fables review in Alberta Views!

From the review: “Jacobsen’s voice is sharp, self-deprecating and funny, and her fierce intelligence muscles through the whole. It’s clear from the sentence cadences and the attention to structure that this writer understands the importance of style, and hers seems particularly of the now: versed in literature and philosophy as much as texting lingo (“This book is amazee!” she texts an academic friend, who in turn texts an avatar of himself leaning on a donkey), vulnerable and self-revealing yet cuttingly critical. Although more cerebral, the ethos here is reminiscent of Sheila Heti—unafraid to reveal its own intellect as it pushes through doubts, romanticisms and conventional delusions, toward revelation and a shimmering, precarious clarity.”

Read the whole review here.

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