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Keith Maillard in Quill and Quire


Keith Maillard in Quill and Quire

In their Fall 2018 preview, Quill and Quire calls Keith Maillard “one of this country’s consummate stylists . . . Twin Studies is a magnum opus that examines issues of gender fluidity, sexuality, class, and family dynamics.” The September issue of Quill and Quire also offers a profile of Maillard: he’s “an unabashed advocate of lengthy, complex novels. ‘If I like a book, I like it to be big, because I like to go into the world it creates and live there awhile.'”

In the profile, Maillard also discusses how he sees his role as a creative writing instructor, his own self-identification, and the future of writing in Canada. Twin Studies will be available in September.

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