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Karyn Freedman writes for the Toronto Star


Karyn Freedman in the Toronto Star and Coastal Spectator

Karyn L. Freedman, author of One Hour in Paris: A True Story of Rape and Recovery, writes a moving piece about speaking out about rape:

“Here is what I want to say to those women who have experienced sexual violence: you need not feel obliged to come forward publicly. In our society, where you put yourself in harm’s way by identifying yourself as a survivor, where you risk being blamed, being ostracized from your community, and hounded on social media, you are under no moral or legal obligation to come forward to help gather evidence of a crime.

“But I want to tell you this, also. There is a more important reason to tell your story. Talking about it can help you heal.”

You can read Karyn’s full article here.

One Hour in Paris was also recently reviewed in the Coastal Spectator.

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