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I’ve Read This reviews The Taste of Hunger

“The whole kitchen redolent of garlic, which he hadn’t smelled in a long, long time, the Angliki preferring their food bland on the nose and tongue. It smelled of home, and Taras tore into his meal.”

It’s with this line in mind (and a few others conjuring up the smell) in The Taste of Hunger that book reviewer Anne Logan snaps a feature photo of the book next to several cloves of garlic.

Reflecting on the novel, Anne writes, “I’ll think of Olena when I’m tired, stirring a pot of dinner on the stove after a long day of work, knowing there’s been many women before me who have done the same, and thankful for the modern day comforts she wasn’t able to enjoy but I now take for granted.”

Read the whole review here.

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