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Freehand Books to temporarily suspend new acquisitions. 

As many people are aware, conditions in the publishing industry have been disappointing this year. As a result, the Broadview Press Board of Directors has decided to temporarily suspend future Freehand Books acquisitions and to phase out the position of Acquiring Editor at Freehand Books, previously held by Robyn Read. Everyone at Broadview Press and Freehand Books would like to acknowledge the truly outstanding work that Robyn has done over the past three years—she has played a key part in building Freehand’s reputation as an exciting and innovative presence in Canadian literary publishing. We are very happy that Robyn has agreed to continue to work with Freehand Books in an editorial capacity on a contract basis. We remain committed to the highest standards of quality in terms of the editing, design, production, and promotion of all of our titles acquired to date.

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