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Catherine Owen interviewed for Artisanal Writer

Emily Cann, Poetry Reviews Editor at Artisanal Writer, interviewed Catherine Owen about her new collection, Moving to Delilah.

The interview is insightful as Catherine brings us through the collection and some of her writing processes.

From the interview: “I write every day. There always seems to be an urgency in my art making. Time, that fleeting entity. Being consumed by the project and wanting it to be realized. I also urgently cast away a lot. Perhaps the Pandemic Road Trips pieces were written most in the moment, as it happens, in an attempt to capture the details of passing places. As I’ve written since I was four years old, I’ve learned to trust the sound of words in my blood and if a line comes into my head to write it down as soon as possible and then follow where it goes.”

Read the interview here (free account sign-up required).

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