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Critics’ Reviews

“Back in the heady middle days of book blogging, I stumbled across a site like no other: Seen Reading. My trade was in the interesting and unique, and this certainly was both. With Seen Reading, Julie Wilson has done something revolutionary for the time: seamlessly combine books-related gossip, arts reportage, and creative writing in every post. The results are exhilarating and deliciously voyeuristic.” GEORGE MURRAY

“Beneath the surface of Julie Wilson’s energy, biting wit and quirkiness lays intelligence and insight—a fresh observer to the dynamic ways in which we communicate.” ANTHONY de SA

“I spy with my little eye, something that is utterly delightful. Take a peek at Julie Wilson’s Seen Reading. There are treasures to be found within.” AMI MCKAY

Seen Reading is a whimsical, charming and thought-provoking book best read in public.” THE TELEGRAPH-JOURNAL

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