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Critics’ Reviews

Roost is hilarious.” NATIONAL POST

“Ali Bryan works in that magical space between hilarity and humiliation. Roost is about the family tragedies we all face, with courage and cowardice and warmth and malice. This novel is marvellous, terrible fun.” TODD BABIAK author of The Garneau Block and Toby: A Man

“Does every family need a daughter to do the emotional heavy-lifting? Irreverent and dead-on about the absurdities of motherhood and family, Claudia seems an unlikely fit for the role and fights it every messy inch of the way. Ali Bryan writes the tenderness and pathos of family life with the wise-cracking finesse of a stand-up comedienne. Roost is laugh-out-loud funny—a refreshing Canlit debut.” BETTY JANE HEGERAT author of The Boy and Delivery

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