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Critics’ Reviews

“With its fantabulous writing and labyrinthine teasing, A Description of the Blazing World makes me cheery and jubilant, even and especially when its characters are so miserable. Funny, stirring, tender, smart, and smartass, Michael Murphy’s fiction is ablaze with fiery insights.” NICOLE MARKOTIĆ

“. . . slim volume that conceals a stunning read.” WINNIPEG FREE PRESS

“These characters aren’t likeable. They are lonely, misanthropic, selfish and insensitive. They are real. A Description of the Blazing World is timely, profound and telling. It’s misfit fiction at its finest.” TORONTO STAR

“A blazing world is in constant flux and it is vulnerable, and that’s what Murphy, a Toronto writer, demonstrates with power and snap in his first novel. It crackles with intensity and possibility.” EDMONTON JOURNAL

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