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Critics’ Reviews

Praise for Colours in Her Hands

“A moving meditation on love and art and the creative passions and impulses that are so much greater than anyone’s disabilities and make us our best selves. An achingly real, compassionate and at times hilarious read, Zorn’s novel shreds how we label people and art practices to show how deeply we and they are one. Heartbreaking, uplifting—brava!” CAROL BRUNEAU author of Brighten the Corner Where You Are: A Novel Inspired by the Life of Maud Lewis

“Alice Zorn has placed a singular woman at the heart of a vibrantly coloured world in this beautiful meditation on art and those who make it.” CLAIRE HOLDEN ROTHMAN author of Lear’s Shadow

“Mina is in my top-ten list of memorable fiction characters. It is fascinating to watch her make sense of the world through her embroidery and fairy tales. . . . a meticulously crafted novel.” H. NIGEL THOMAS novelist, poet, essayist, and the 2022 laureate for the John Molson Prize for the Arts

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