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Critics’ Reviews

“A charming, whimsical, yet layered novel about memory, the past, and possible, imagined futures . . . about the complexity and mystery of a human life and consciousness, about human journeys across time and place, and a vivid portrait of the wondering, wandering Mira.” DAWN PROMISLOW author of Wan

“Told with great tenderness, The Harvesters is a nostalgic meditation on the relentless human desire for love and comfort. . . . In confident, lyrical prose, Jasmina Odor contrasts the openheartedness of youth with the careful gathering and calcification of the self that comes with age—astonishing beauty with order—and asks: what do we owe to our loved ones and to ourselves? Like an old friend, this quietly intelligent novel will continue to sift through you long after you’ve closed its covers.” SUSAN SANFORD BLADES author of Fake It So Real

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