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Critics’ Reviews

Praise for Every Night I Dream I’m a Monk, Every Night I Dream I’m a Monster

“I’ve never read anything quite like this book. It’s a gem whose facets seem familiar until you turn it slightly and find it refracting in a completely unpredictable way: by turns searching, scary, and humane.” CRAIG DAVIDSON author of Cataract City

Monk/Monster is a connected series of painful and amazing stories. One story concerns a job interview, a pistol, and a confused narrator just clinging to sanity, all told in a torrential stream of consciousness prose, a pleasing chaos, like Nabokov on acid. Often the reader is deep in a character’s head, yet outside watching and gathering clues. Nothing is spelt out and old family lore hovers; the effect is comic and chilling and the writing is artful and very impressive.” MARK ANTHONY JARMAN author of 19 Knives

Praise for Damian Tarnopolsky

“Damian Tarnopolsky’s style is essentially witty: it combines observation and action in a way that is so elegant, so articulate and yet light of touch that one is hardly aware of its complexity.” RUSSELL SMITH

“Damian Tarnopolsky often writes like a dazzling fallen angel. . . . I listened to Tarnopolsky plucking at my shopworn critical synapses, and asked why he made them sing in a way several prize contenders haven’t. The answer is that he’s a truly new voice, delivered with a rare panache.” GLOBE AND MAIL

“At turns surreal, serio-comic, whimsical and erotic, Tarnopolsky’s stories hurtle headlong into the heart of our myths . . . and reveal that the truth waiting for us is not what we’d expect.” TORONTO STAR

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