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Critics’ Reviews

Praise for Damian Tarnopolsky

“Damian Tarnopolsky’s style is essentially witty: it combines observation and action in a way that is so elegant, so articulate and yet light of touch that one is hardly aware of its complexity.” RUSSELL SMITH

“Damian Tarnopolsky often writes like a dazzling fallen angel. . . . I listened to Tarnopolsky plucking at my shopworn critical synapses, and asked why he made them sing in a way several prize contenders haven’t. The answer is that he’s a truly new voice, delivered with a rare panache.” GLOBE AND MAIL

“At turns surreal, serio-comic, whimsical and erotic, Tarnopolsky’s stories hurtle headlong into the heart of our myths . . . and reveal that the truth waiting for us is not what we’d expect.” TORONTO STAR

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