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Critics’ Reviews

“These emotionally and intellectually powerful stories have me riveted. Michelle Syba probes the depths (and limits) of belief with exquisite style and aplomb.” SARAH SELECKY Giller-nominated author of This Cake Is for the Party and Radiant Shimmering Light

“In these beautiful, bewildering stories, Michelle Syba extends to her characters an extraordinary grace. Though the pen feels secular, Syba’s meditations on faith are suffused with mystery. They carve a space between certainty and humility, where orthodoxies secular and sacred are laid bare. And, when we least expect it, they burst into moments of revelation.” EMER O’TOOLE author of Girls Will Be Girls

“Michelle Syba’s stories are like vessels of precious metal, their beauty and capaciousness slyly concealing the fact that they were refined in fire. It’s rare to encounter the drama of faith and its aftermath rendered with such humanity, ferocity, and grace.” MEGHAN O’GIEBLYN author of Interior States and God, Human, Animal, Machine

“[C]ompulsively readable . . .” LITERARY REVIEW OF CANADA

“[T]he stories in End Times . . . carry a universal quality that allows the reader to reflect on their own lived experiences.” MONTREAL REVIEW OF BOOKS

“. . . a thrilling first collection . . .” CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY FIRST BOOK PRIZE JURORS

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