10/04/2023 (Toronto): The Abduction of Seven Forgers Launch @ TRANZAC - Freehand Books

10/04/2023 (Toronto): The Abduction of Seven Forgers Launch @ TRANZAC

WHERE: TRANZAC Main Hall, 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON M5S 2M7
WHEN: 7pm to 9pm eastern
WHO: Sean Dixon, Damien Rogers, and others
WHAT: Celebrating The Abduction of Seven Forgers
WHY: Magic, mystery, and the powers of art and the artistic pursuit

Registration required on Eventbrite: tickets are free, but capacity is not limitless.


“One day, not long ago, I was kidnapped by a bitter but fun-loving South Korean art collector named Mr. Jackie Lin who had been burned one too many times by art forgers and wanted a bit of revenge.”

So begins The Abduction of Seven Forgers, a brilliant and immensely entertaining novel with a colourful and unforgettable cast of characters. A group of artists are brought together under mysterious circumstances to a leafy London suburb. Once there, they are taken hostage by Mr. Lin, an angry art collector who demands that they create original works that will replace the forgeries he has obtained from each of them in the past.

Over the following days, the hostages discover that a twelve-year-old boy is hiding in crawl spaces behind the walls, and they agree to continue to keep him hidden from Mr. Lin. But things become immensely more complicated once Mr. Lin’s daughter appears, purportedly to learn from the forgers—there may be more to Mr. Lin’s artistic plan than first meets the eye.

With dazzling inventiveness, Sean Dixon explores the power of art, both in its creation and its acquisition, and creates a vivid world where artworks can—and do—come to life. The Abduction of Seven Forgers brings together the artistic obsession of The Goldfinch, the stakes of Bel Canto, and the intelligent imagination demonstrated by Yann Martel and David Mitchell, with a flair that is all Sean Dixon’s own.

This launch event is part of the Toronto Lit Up programme, which is designed to spotlight new works and empower Toronto’s writers. Toronto Lit Up is funded by the Toronto Arts Council and spearheaded by the Toronto International Festival of Authors. You can learn more about the programme and upcoming events at FestivalOfAuthors.ca/torontolitup.

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